My husband and I were skeptical about buying a puppy online. After all, we both grew up in
times when getting a new puppy meant finding a stray, choosing a puppy from a friend’s dog’
s litter or visiting a breeder our parents had found out about from their friends. The Internet
is a still emerging marketplace for goods and services we usually sought from traditional
brick and mortar businesses. The Internet allows businesses to reach a wider scope of
potential customers and finding Mr. Murray through the Internet was particularly fortuitous for
us as we wanted a poodle and could not find a suitable breeder or a poodle for adoption in
our area.

My husband and I spoke with Mr. Murray on the phone and viewed his online website. His
honest and open manner as well as his accessibility impressed us. His website, encouraging
prospective buyers to visit his home, if one is able, was also a positive for us even though we
had to make arrangements for our new puppy’s (Boudreaux) transport by air since we are in
New York and Mr. Murray is in Arkansas.

Boudreaux arrived safely by air in a carrier and we were thrilled to meet this loveable, perfect
baby poodle. He was groomed as we’d specified (Mr. Murray asked us what kind of clip we
would like.), scrupulously clean, sweet smelling, and alert, even after hours in flight. His
papers (detailed pedigree) and feeding suggestions to help our new puppy easily transition
to his new home were included.

The next day, I emailed Mr. Murray to let him know Boudreaux had arrived safely and was
surprised when he called me to thank me for my email. I had a few questions and he
answered them. I’ve been in touch with Mr. Murray ever since, occasionally emailing him
photos of Boudreaux and he always responds kindly and appreciatively. Yesterday, we
received the paper to transfer Boudreaux’s UKC registration from Mr. Murray to us.

I have already recommended Mr. Murray to a friend of ours who has a poodle and is thinking
of getting another one, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else who is
contemplating getting a poodle.

Laura Bullock
Hi David, Bodie is such a dear!  He sleeps in his crate beside our bed at nighttime.  It's the
only time I put him in the kennel so he is the master and protector of the house at other
times.  He has his comfortable bed in the living room full of toys that we move to the laundry
room when we leave the house.  I always give him a treat when I have to leave when he
goes to his bed and sits.  So, he isn't too sad or disturbed when we do leave.  He likes a
spoon of liverworst, smoked tuna, or cooked chicken.  So, now when we are getting ready
to leave, he sense it, runs and jumps in his bed, sitting and awaiting the treat.  He loves this
soft fluffy throw that I put on my lap each morning, sip coffee and read the newspaper.  He
is so smart about his potty training, .

David, I simply open the sliding door and tell him to go "pea, pea" and he does his business
within eyesight and returns to the house.  This was helpful when we had our snows and bad
weather so I didn't have to go stand with him outside.  Of course all during the day, he loves
to run and play and stays right at Pete's side when we go outdoors.  We couldn't be
happier with our pet!, Bodie is also going to puppy training classes at our vet’s.  He
absolutely loves it, especially the playtime with all the other puppies.  He is such a social
ham and easy to train.thanks for the best puppy an owner could ever imagined, my Bodie II.
Sue Anne
Bodie and Family
Hi David:

I feel compelled to take a minute and tell you how thrilled we are with our new fuzzy baby!  She is
just fabulous.......obviously vibrant, healthy and well socialized!  She's confident and curious......a
very happy poodle pup :)
Baby is doing great!  What a happy little girl!  She's dancing around the big dogs trying to get
noticed.....she's throwing herself around with her chewie toys doing acrobatics.  She is quite a
little adventurer, she tries to get over steps that are huge to her and mostly succeeds,  We have
been with her constantly, so I think she will continue to socialize very well.  She is eating
well.....knows right where her little food and water bowl set are.  She slept through the night and
woke up asking to go potty pretty nothing but good news to report on this end :)  she's
curled up on my lap right now as I type (where else would she be right? :)

we totally love her!

Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job with this special breed!  i am such a poodle snob
now :)  

Kari Paddock
If you are undecided about having a male poodle, please rethink.  My husband was always told by his
mother growing
up to get a female dog.  So we had set out to get another female poodle from Murray Poodles.  We already
had one
female and wanted to have a companion for her.  But at the time there was only a tiny apricot female.  My
husband wanted
a black female.  We were shown a male silver poodle who was named Rocky at the time.  He was so cute.  
But again we hesitated.  Later we changed our mind and purchased Rocky who we named Rex.  The best
decision we have ever made.  He is the sweetest most lovable puppy I have every known.  Much more than
our female one.  Thank you MurrayPoodles from Brian and Cheryl.
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Louis is a Nugget and Rosie son
and litter mate to our Roscoe!
We believe our little Louis is the happiest creature on earth. He is so snuggly sweet and loves
to play play play. He is super smart and knows all his commands. He is strikingly beautiful and
everyone wants to stop and pet him. Louis is a pure joy for our family. Thank you David Murray
for such amazing and perfect Poodles!!