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Updated 1/11/2012
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Updated 5/19/2018
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This beautiful black female will be a full-size miniature two small Moyen. She comes from a quality champion
Pedigree! If you're looking for a poodle that's not too big not too small, then she would be perfect for you! Her
Sire is black and the dam is red. She would make a fabulous companion for any family or she could also be
used in a quality breeding program. If you're interested in her please contact me.
""Being a Breeder means you contribute your dogs gene pool into that particular breed, that leave
footprints for eternity!  Take care that the footprints you leave are worthy of being followed!"
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Black miniature female
D.O.B 3/21/2018
Meet Chloe, Chloe is a beautiful black ball of fur right now but she's turning light underneath. She is going to be a
gorgeous sable! She should transform into a beautiful light apricot and black sable, kind a like a sable fur coat. She's got
a beautiful face she's going to have beautiful long ears! Chloe has a fabulous thick coat, if you're looking for A little dog
that will stand out in the crowd than you have found her! She would be excellent for a family as she has a wonderful
sweet little personality! If you're interested please give me a call, I would be happy to talk with you about her.
Up close picture of the color she is turning
Sable Toy Female
D.O.B 3/19/18

Meet Baxter, Baxter is a beautiful little black toy poodle. Baxter has an excellent thick coat and a beautiful face! He comes from a
quality Pedigree. If you're looking for a beautiful and sweet toy poodle you have found him! Baxter would make a terrific
companion for any family! Don't hesitate make Baxter yours today! If you're interested in him please feel free to contact me.
Black male toy poodle
D.O.B 3/19/18
Example of a sable