Murray Royal Class Ice Prince
In loving memory of my beloved Prince. He was very much
loved and will be in my heart forever and truly missed. Prince
was one of the most intelligent dogs that I have ever owned he
brought me a comfort just being in his presence and touching
his wonderful coat. When he got groomed and all prettied up,
He thought he should go somewhere. He wouldn't give up until
he heard the keys jingle, he was all ready for his car ride. ;-)
Myself and my family have wonderful memories of this special
dog when the children were younger he loved to go with us
wherever we went he enjoyed hanging his head out the window
and letting the breeze blow in his face. He also enjoyed walks in
the park. I realize most recently that we were approaching the
end of the rainbow. Each pet, throughout our life is very special
but there are certain ones that stand out. I put Prince in the
category of my first poodle that I talk about on the about me
page, he was one-of-a-kind. I will never forget you! We will love
you forever! Sleep well my special friend.
July 20,2003 to May 27,2017