About Me
My love for poodles began when I was a boy. On a hot summer day my dad
surprised me with an early birthday present. A beautiful black ball of fur,
that eventually turned into a spectacular platinum silver, that I named
Candy Louise. I had always been an animal lover having dogs cats and
birds. But my little poodle quickly became my most favorite out of all the
other animals I had. She was more then just a dog, She was almost like a
person, loved to take rides in the car, and she lived up to her name because
she loved to get a candy treat. She was with me from my 10th birthday until I
was 23 years old when she passed away. I was now a young adult, and I have
always been a creative person. My brother and I opened our own florist, we
had it for many years until we sold it in the 1990s. Since marrying and
having 2 children of my own, when our children were old enough I wanted
them to experience the love and bonding and intelligence that only a poodle
can bring. I have sought out some excellent bloodlines, to provide top
quality, well socialized healthy dogs, that are raised in our home in Hot
Springs, Arkansas. Our poodles are not caged like in some other kennels,
but are free and allowed to play and interact with one another. All of my
dogs are members of our family, we care for and love each one of them. I
believe strongly in color breeding. Only like color to like color or family of
colors. All my poodles are selectively bred with the greatest respect to the
breed standard. Every attention is given to raising healthy puppies with care
taken not to produce hereditary problems. We make every effort to see that
each puppy is placed in a loving home. If you are a poodle lover, I can offer
you puppies in a variety of sizes and colors. Our poodles make perfect
companions for devoted homes or for breeding and show prospects. AKC or
UKC registration papers and 5 generation pedigree and health certificate is
also provided. I hope your poodle gives you as much love and joy as my first
poodle gave to me. Hope you enjoy viewing our beautiful poodles. Please
contact me, I may have your next best friend!
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Candy and I, the day I got her.